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The Company

Founded in 1991, the firm has advised clients and managed money through multiple business and economic cycles.

While the firm has grown extensively as far as assets, offerings, professional and support personnel, the original founders continue to remain active and provide the new talented managers with the perspective of time and experience.


It’s About Performance
To be a top money manager requires non-stop drive to identify new opportunities, methods and techniques to improve returns and results for our clients
We are proud to have been recognized as a top Global Manager by Third Party Independent Institutional Rating Services Including BarclaysHedge, PSN Informa, and AI Hedge.

Many investors seek alternatives to brokers, banks, Mutual Funds and financial advisors where the investor interfaces with intermediaries as opposed to the managers that generate the results
At SLG you continually dialogue with the individuals responsible for results.

High Demands Invited
The firm was built to serve ultra-high net worth individuals who expect and demand exceptional performance, along with 24-7 access and service.

Striving for Constant Improvement
We recruit actively at top universities and offer a hands-on mentoring program.  New entrants are required to advance their education credentials.  Examples of programs the firm has provided for associates include:

    Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA)
    Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFC)
    Law School (J.D.)
    Masters in Taxation (LL.M.)

Our Values

The attributes that we admire and aspire to include Honesty, Integrity, Creativity, Straight Talk, Intelligence, Strong Work Ethic, and Fairness.