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Financial Planning Division

The financial advisory division assists clients in the design and implementation of wealth transfer, business continuity, and business conversion plans.

Since our inception, we have implemented plans for family businesses, publicly traded companies and high net worth individuals.

With this body of experience, we can offer practical insights to planning issues from tax, financial and interpersonal perspectives.

Our staff includes: Tax Attorneys (LLM), Masters in Business (MBA), Chartered Financial Consultants (CHFC), Chartered Life Underwriters (CLU), Certified Financial Planners (CFP), Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) and Masters in Financial Services (MSFS).

This expertise enables us to focus on estate and wealth transfer plans in a comprehensive manner, addressing tax, legal, public securities, liquidity and insurance issues.

Our base of knowledge allows us to assist our clients with unique assets such as closely held business interests, restricted stock, international holdings, real estate, art and collectibles, enabling us to devise a plan to sell, hold, monetize or transfer interests within the family.