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Estate Planning

We believe that an estate plan involves the following elements:

○  Analysis of one's assets
○  Understanding goals, limitations and risk tolerance
○  Projecting asset flows and taxes
○  Helping our clients understand available techniques and associated benefits, costs and risks
○  Understanding of flexibility and the ability-to-change due to unanticipated circumstances
○  Re-projecting plan with selected techniques under varying future economic conditions, i.e. exceptional growth of business, flat growth, negative growth, etc.
○  Costs associated with implementing plan including, legal and appraisal expenses, etc.
○  Implementation
○  On-going monitoring and servicing of plan

    SLG's staff includes Tax Attorneys (LL.M), Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholders (CFA), Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFC) and Certified Financial Planners (CFP).

    Additionally, we provide administrative services to family trusts and help clients maintain fiduciary accounting, tax reporting and investment oversight. 

    As Investment Advisors, we understand complex financial arrangements, instruments, and entities, while also allowing us to assess values and growth trends.

    Our experience extends over multiple family generations for many of our clients.