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Investment Advisory

Individual Investment Consulting Group

Our representatives are formally trained as Chartered Financial Consultants or Certified Financial Planners and work with you to review your portfolio and offer an asset allocation to better achieve your objectives in terms of return and risk.

This includes the ability to assess sophisticated global financial products such as hedge funds, private equity, risk-managed products, interests in real estate, and closely held business interests.

Plans are tailored for the client and the client's representative works closely with our Portfolio Managers to:

○  Recommend comprehensive portfolio Asset Allocation
○  Make tactical shifts to manage risk or improve return
○  Identify world class managers to implement plans
○  Consolidate Performance and Tax Reporting, including outside managers, customized to your preference

Client Allocation

Our client representatives are trained planning professionals who assist our clients in choosing the appropriate dispersion of assets among various portfolio strategies.

We believe that client investment performance is optimized through proper asset allocation and periodic review and update of market assumptions. 

In developing our clients’ individualized asset allocations, the following factors are considered:

○  Risk and Return Objectives
○  Time Horizon
○  Liquidity Needs and Liability Matching
○  Tax Considerations
○  Unique Circumstances
○  Legal and Regulatory Concerns