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 China Technology

Concentrated portfolio generally consisting of Chinese companies operating in the technology hardware and software industries, with a history of high returns on capital and expected sales & earning growth of 20%+ for the next two years 

Core Equity

Blended portfolio of growth and value securities with the goal of delivering total return through capital appreciation, dividends, and covered call writing

Emerging Market Income

Emerging Market dividend paying companies with projected growth, that are identified as undervalued

European Equity

European dividend‐paying companies with projected growth, that are identified as undervalued

Fixed Income

Fixed income securities with goal of generating high income while preserving invested capital

Global Blend

Global dividend‐paying companies that pay dividends and have projected growth, with representation in all sectors 

High Dividend & Value

High dividend paying companies with representation in all sectors with the goal of generating current income and growing invested capital

High Growth

Primarily Mid-Cap companies with consistent operational track record of rapid growth with no limitation to market cap, sector, industry or location

Japanese Equity

Japanese dividend‐paying companies with projected growth, that are identified as undervalued 


High growth companies with market caps generally less than $1 Billion USD with the goal of high growth of principal

Risk Managed Core Equity 

Aims to deliver a total return with reduced volatility by investing in a mix of growth & value stocks that have exhibited at least one year of superior sales and cash flow growth

SLG International Opportunities, L.P.

Small-Cap Growth companies in Emerging Markets with high levels of local/insider ownership that offer products & services to Emerging Middle Class Consumers; traded on local exchanges in local market currencies; offered by prospectus ‐‐ suitable for sophisticated high net worth investors only 

U.S. Blend

U.S. companies that pay dividends and have projected growth with representation in all sectors

U.S. Mega-Cap

U.S. companies that have a market capitalization in excess of $50 Billion USD that we believe offer sustainability and future growth in dividends and/or shareholders’ equity 

Unconstrained Income

Portfolio primarily seeking consistent high income with low correlation to Equity and Fixed Income markets