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Our Services

At The Stanley-Laman Group, Ltd., we provide expert assistance in the following areas:


SLG designs and manages separate portfolio strategies designed to achieve specific investor goals such as High Growth or High Dividend; alternately, we access particular areas of the market, such as Micro Cap, Fixed Income, European Equities, Japanese Equities, International Opportunities, Mega Cap Equities, etc.

All portfolios are managed internally using our proprietary AD-STAR® System which is based on a “bottom-up” investment philosophy.

Bottom-up managers believe that investment success and outperformance can only be achieved by buying equities of companies that will outperform their peers due to some strategic edge.   Furthermore, bottom-up managers monitor their results carefully over time and sell when those equities which lose their particular competitive advantage or become substantially overvalued. 

In short, we believe identifying great companies early in their growth cycle is the single most important driver of investment return.
Additionally, investors can achieve diversification and risk controls by blending portfolios to create a customized Asset Allocation Plan.  Our financial advisory team helps our clients understand the risks, returns, cash flow and tax implications of our portfolio strategies either on a stand-alone or blended approach.

Financial Planning

SLG’s approach to Financial Planning is a "top-down" integrated view that involves reviewing and understanding the following:

          Assets & Liabilities, Business Entities, and Entity Structures
          Business Opportunities and Risks, Business Agreements
          Estate Planning Documents
          Investments: Marketable Securities, Alternative Investments 
          Insurance and Other Liquidity Options
          Charitable Entities and Structures 
          Personal Objectives, Family Dynamics, Etc.

We believe that a financial plan requires an understanding of Law, Taxes, Finance, Securities, Asset Valuation, and Family Dynamics, including the potential for harmony or conflict.

Our staff includes Tax Attorneys, Investment Professionals and an array of Financial Planning Professionals covering a wide spectrum of Financial Advisory Designations.

Over our 24 years we have designed and implemented hundreds of plans for high net worth individuals that in some case have spanned three generations covering Different Businesses including Manufacturing, Real Estate Development, Finance, Technology, Wholesale Distribution, Automotive Dealers, Agriculture, etc.

As a result, we bring tangible real-world experience and practical advice, along with our highly technical tax, legal and financial expertise.